The 5 Best Romantic Comedies

best romantic comedies

The 5 best romantic comedies has fallen in love with how funny these rom-coms are. Check them out in the gallery below!

It’s hard to believe, but has never even attempted to list the best romantic comedies before today. If you think it seems easy enough, you’d be wrong. These romantic comedies go far beyond the “chick flick” label—calling any movie within the genre a “chick flick” makes you look foolish enough as it is, but putting that label on these romantic comedies would be especially ill-advised. They go beyond their genre, proving to be truly great movies in their own rights.

Nora Ephron. Frank Capra. Charlie Chaplin. Billy Wilder. George Cukor. These are the names that revolutionized the romantic comedy and showed just how much potential the genre harbors. Funny and sweet, romantic and heartfelt, these are the best romantic comedies ever made—everything else is just an attempt to imitate.