best quotes from quotable comedies

The 10 Best Quotes From Quotable Comedies

10 Best Quotes From Quotable Comedies is reciting some of the funniest dialogue in comedy history to try and figure out the best quotes from the most quotable comedies. Check out the lines we picked in the gallery below!

Quoting a popular movie or TV show is one of the easiest ways to establish a whole slew of things: That you’ve seen it, that you enjoyed it, and that it was a memorable experience. They can create a sense of unity between fans, and they can likely even create new friendships quickly through the discovery of a common interest. The more memorable your film, the more quotable it’ll be for the audience.

This is especially true of comedies—repeating a funny scene or a great joke from a hilarious film is a way to relive the experience of seeing it, bringing up the feelings you associate with the film and deepening your appreciation of the writing or the talent involved. To this day, these remain ten of the best quotes from some of the most quotable comedies.


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