The Five Best Slapstick Comedies


best slapstick comedies

The five best slapstick comedies is tripping and falling over the opportunity to compile five of the best slapstick comedies. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

Comedies come in all different shapes and sizes. Dramatic comedies keep things grounded and serious. Romantic comedies keep things a little fantastical but always make sure the laughs flow. Action comedies blend excitement and punchlines for maximum enjoyment. Then, of course, there’s slapstick—where clumsy actions and ridiculously embarrassing events come together to bring in the biggest laughs.

Typically, slapstick comedies will employ violence, stunts, fights, pranks, missteps, and wordplay to create the goofiest possible comedies imaginable. Back in the early 20th century, the best slapsticks didn’t need any dialogue at all. As the century went on, the genre leaned very heavily into cleverly-worded dialogue and innuendo in addition to sight gags in order to keep things fresh. These slapstick comedies compiled below are the best examples of the genre we’ve ever encountered.

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