Every Nicholas Stoller Movie Ranked


every nicholas stoller movie ranked

Every Nicholas Stoller movie ranked

ComingSoon.net is counting down the scripts of Nicholas Stoller, who has had many seminal comedies throughout the 21st century. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

A British-American writer, director, and producer, Nicholas Stoller has made a name for himself by taking the sense of humor and the type of filmmaking established by Judd Apatow and adding his own unique twist to it. Instead of keeping things loose and improvisational (and, as a result, frequently overlong) like Apatow, Stoller puts out tightly-polished scripts that put an equal amount of energy into plotting and laughs. This is especially apparent in Stoller’s frequent collaborations with Apatow alum Jason Segel.

In the years since his trifecta of Segel collabs, Stoller has moved onto bigger, more expensive productions with just as much acclaim. From kids movies to adult comedies, Stoller never fails to put out really solid feature films. With plenty of great success across his career as a scriptwriter, here are the ones he’s written that we’d consider to be the best of the best.