Amy Poehler’s Ten Best Roles


10 best Amy Poehler movies

Amy Poehler’s ten best roles is counting down our ten favorite movies and TV shows starring Amy Poehler, who has had many terrific roles across both mediums. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Undoubtedly ranking quite high on the list of most recognizable Saturday Night Live alums, comedian Amy Poehler has managed to maintain her notability across film and television roles throughout the 2000s. Often seen side-by-side with Tina Fey—the two hosted Weekend Update on the popular sketch comedy show for years and carried over this relationship to the world of film—Poehler has made a name for herself by utilizing a signature sense of humor typically portrayed through the lens of chipper, upbeat characters.

From animation to live-action, television to feature films, guest spots to leading roles, Poehler easily stands out against the rest of her costars no matter what the project. Her roll might’ve slowed as the 2010s progressed, but there’s no discounting how many prolific performances she’s managed to score between the early 2000s and today.