Vintage Elvira and William Shatner Shows Coming to Amazon

Vintage Elvira and William Shatner-hosted series coming to Full Moon’s Amazon channel

No other woman screams Halloween louder than the busty, brash and brilliant Cassandra Peterson, better known as the beehive hair-sporting horror hostess Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. And no other living actor chews scenery with more Shakespearean aplomb than Star Trek legend William Shatner. Some years back, B-movie studio Full Moon produced two series starring both of these pop culture icons and now, as they begin their Halloween season roll-out, Full Moon’s international Amazon channels (US, UK and Germany) are releasing these shows every week all month.

First up is Elvira‘s 10 Nights of Halloween, wherein the beloved horror hostess and “Queen of Halloween” hosts a flurry of classic trash movie favorites, including Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (a great flick starring Bill Maher, Shannon Tweed and Adrienne Barbeau), Evil Bong, The Gingerdead Man and many more. Then there’s  William Shatner‘s Fright Nights, a wild series where Captain Kirk himself hams it up over-the-top and welcomes masters of horror like Stuart Gordon and Scream Queens like Barbara Crampton into his lair to talk shop and screen a slew of sexy horror classics like Castle Freak, Hideous, Head of the Family and more.

Both shows begin unspooling this week ONLY on Full Moon’s Amazon channels  and Full Moon Streaming. The release of these little-seen shows is part of Full Moon’s October fun, which also includes the release of their Puppet Master box set Toulon’s Trunk and much more weirdness including a series of softcore Surrender Cinema sci-fi flicks and the official Blu-ray release of the Roddy McDowall trash gem Laserblast. Check out the official Full Moon site for more dirty details and Happy October and impending Halloween to all!


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