Brad Dourif Chiller The Control Group Now Available



Legendary actor Brad Dourif plays a mad scientist in new horror film The Control Group

In the pantheon of great cinematic eccentrics, American actor Brad Dourif sits very, very high on that list. Horror fans know and love Dourif best for his enduring work giving voice to plastic serial killer Chucky in the Child’s Play and Chucky franchise but Dourif’s presence in weird cinema is all-encompassing, with memorable appearances in films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Blue Velvet, Dune, The Eyes of Laura Mars, HBO’s Deadwood and dozens upon dozens more.

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No word on whether Peter Hurd’s evil science horror flick The Control Group will endure like the rest of those aforementioned Brad Dourif classics, but since Dourif is playing the mad scientist in question (he’s good at that), we’re willing to give it a look. The Control Group follows kidnapped coeds as they attempt to escape from Dourif’s grasp. Writer-director Hurd’s debut feature is now available on from Wild Eye Releasing on cable and digital platforms, including iTunes, Dish Network, Vudu, Xbox, Google Play, and YouTube. A DVD release is planned for May.


Synopsis: Five college students wake up in an abandoned, locked-down insane asylum – with no idea how they got there and no means of escape. They discover that they are the subjects of secret experiments, but these tests have awakened something that cannot be explained by science. The group must now fight to escape both the human and supernatural threats if they are to survive and break out of their prison.

Are you a die-hard Dourif disciple? Will you be giving The Control Group a spin? Have a look at the trailer and tell us your thoughts!