All the Chucky Movies Ranked!

In anticipation of the upcoming sequel Cult of Chucky, we rank the previous six Chucky movies

This week, is off to Winnipeg, Ontario – or WINTERpeg as the freezing Canadian city is called this time of year – to watch Don Mancini make his latest adventure in the venerable Child’s Play/Chucky franchise, Cult of Chucky. And we’re excited. By we, I mean me. Because out of all the holdover ‘80s horror franchises, the only one that has sustained my interest are the Chucky movies. Violent, absurd, oddly kinky and eventually riotously satirical and smutty and just plain weird, Mancini’s pen and, from Seed of Chucky to now, directorial eye, have been a steady presence in every picture and it’s his wildly cinematic sensibilities that elevate the films.

I mean, Mancini got Pino Donaggio to score Seed of Chucky. It’s a Brian De Palma film. With killer, sex-starved dolls. And Brad Dourif! I mean, come on. The Chucky movies aren’t the erratic, low-grade meat and potatoes slashers of the Friday the 13th ilk, nor are they the convoluted, unfocused mess that the Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween franchises dissolved into. No, the Chucky movies are subversive art masquerading as trash, sculpted with classic sensibilities and cheeky, counterculture humor.

Some of them work better than others, however, which is why we’re giving you this handy rundown of the films thus far. Now, this list is subjective of course (as most of these sorts of things are), so read it with a grain of salt.

And stay tuned to this site and our official horror Facebook page as we’ll be posting plenty of fun stuff from the Cult of Chucky set in the coming months…