Trailer for Gravitas Release Malignant Starring Brad Dourif

Malignant_photo_Brad_Dourif71e08fAnother Gravitas Ventures release sneaks up on us. We're getting word that Malignant, written and directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley, is getting a VOD release on May 22nd. You can watch the trailer here.

Brad Dourif toplines the cast which includes Nick Nicotera, Gary Cairns and Sienna Farall.

In the film, a grieving man, Allex (Cairns), falls victim to a rogue Doctor (Dourif) who conducts experiments on human test subjects to cure their "addictions."  After blacking out, Allex awakes to find stitches across his chest and a video of a murder. Now he must confront the Doctor's horrific method for stopping him from drinking… a method with deadly consequences.


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