B-Movie Battle: Screaming Soup! Pits Full Moon Against Troma


Screaming Soup!

B movies’ last remaining warriors go head to head courtesy of web series Screaming Soup!

Billing themselves the “#1 Animated Horror Host Site” on the world weird web, the fine folks at Screaming Soup! have come up with a crazy treat for cult movie freaks this February. For the entire month, Screaming Soup! are giving horror and trash movie fans the throwdown they thought might never happen as West coast battles East coast and two of strange cinema’s last remaining warriors go head to head.

Troma Vs. Full Moon will pit 20 Full Moon features against 20 Troma movies over 10 episodes, buffered by animated parody adventures as the show’s characters are caught in the middle of a full scale animated war between the two sides, doing their best to survive the craziness!

“Troma vs Full Moon is the fantasy crossover horror/sci-fi fans have wanted for a long time,” says Screaming Soup’s Dan Fowler.

“So we here at Screaming Soup! took it upon ourselves to finally make that happen. Set within the animated world of our parody review show, our wild wild horror host, Deadwest, will spend 2017 refereeing this war between our favorite powerhouses of independent cinema while providing over 30 humorous reviews of each legendary companies’ movies. Made for fans by fans, this is sure to put a smile on people’s faces as they see all their favorite characters return for one unforgettable event!”

The madness starts February 1st. To learn more, go to the official Screaming Soup! website and Facebook page and to catch up on classic Screaming Soup! episodes go to their YouTube channel.