El Rey and Full Moon Want to Kill You in the Next PUPPET MASTER Movie



El Rey Network and Full Moon Features want you dead! Find out why…and how.

Cult culture network El Rey (founded and curated by maverick genre filmmaker Robert Rodriguez) is teaming up with Full Moon Features to provide ONE lucky winner the chance to die…yes, DIE…in the next installment of the ongoing PUPPET MASTER film franchise.

Said lucky stiff will win a three day, two night trip to LA (including airfare and accommodations) for a walk on role in PUPPET MASTER 11. Said role will indeed see the winner end up eviscerated by one of Charles Band’s malevolent possessed marionettes. Outside of the trip and your 15 minutes of fatal fame, the winner gets a $200 gift card to Full Moon Direct.. The second place runner up will receive a $100 gift car to Full Moon Direct.

Contest closes on October 31st so get to the El Rey homepage for more details on how to enter. And for all things demented and awesome out of the Full Moon stable go HERE.

All of this interactive, homicidal puppet-centric madness stems from El Rey’s go-for-broke Halloween horror show, an all day, 24 hour marathon of the first 5 PUPPET MASTER movies hosted by one of the most storied names in cult cinema, Charles Band.

Check out the promo video below:

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