FRIGHT NIGHT Documentary DVD/Blu-ray Now Available for Pre-Sale



Vampire classic gets full-blown documentary film treatment.

A sleeper hit upon release, writer/director Tom Holland’s 1985 Hitchockian vampire thriller FRIGHT NIGHT has gone on to be near-mythical status among fans. The film, which starred William Ragsdale as suburban horror movie fan Charlie Brewster whose suave neighbor (Chris Sarandon) is actually an ancient vampire, is widely considered to be the high mark of vampire cinema and ’80s genre filmmaking full stop.

And yet, with that remarkable cast (which included the late, great Roddy McDowall) and the film’s ensuing legacy, a deeper look is not just welcome, its essential.

Which is why YOU’RE SO COOL BREWSTER! THE STORY OF FRIGHT NIGHT is such a vital release.


From the team who brought you LEVIATHAN: THE STORY OF HELLRAISER, YOU’RE SO COOL BREWSTER! covers not on Holland’s masterpiece from stem to stern, but director Tommy Lee Wallace’s troubled but entertaining sequel FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2.

Simon Bamford (Butterball in HELLRAISER) stars as your host, Peter Vincent (the role made famous by McDowall) and features a plethora of exclusive interview with both cast and crew, including Tom Holland himself, Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Stephen Geoffreys, Amanda Bearse, Jonathan Stark, Richard Edlund, Steve Johnson, Tommy Lee Wallace, Julie Carmen, Brian Thompson, Jon Gries and many more.

YOU’RE SO COOL BREWSTER reveals the behind the scenes tales of both productions showcasing rare photographs, storyboards and artwork that details the thirty year legacy of both horror classics.

Now available to pre-order exclusively here, with estimated shipping in August 2016, this DVD/Blu-ray combo pack comes with an exclusive O-Card and an 8-Page comic book featuring Evil Ed and Peter Vincent. This set is limited to 1000 copies only DVD/Blu-ray release that is region all/NTSC and will play on all international players.

Check out the trailer below and order your copy of YOU’RE SO COOL BREWSTER today!