Exclusive Soundtrack, Video and Cover Art Preview: MR. ROBOT


SHOCK gives you an exclusive preview of the first video from the MR. ROBOT soundtrack.

“Is any of it real?  I mean, look at this.  Look at it!  A world built on fantasy.  Synthetic emotions in the form of pills.  Psychological warfare in the form of advertising.  Mind-altering chemicals in the form of food!  Brainwashing seminars in the form of media.” ­– Mr. Robot

Have you been watching USA Network’s blistering cyber-shock series MR. ROBOT? The show is set to rock its second season starting July 13th and, in the meantime, our friends at Lakeshore Records are releasing the official soundtrack album (Volumes 1 and 2) on June 3rd (digital) and June 24th (LP and CD).

And they’re giving our readers the first look and listen to to composer Mac (AMERICAN HORROR STORY) Quayle’s blistering track and video, “1.0_8-whatsyourask.mp4” , as well as a look at the cover art.

First, the art:

Those who watch the show know just how vital Quayle’s spastic computer-based score and sounds are to its very essence, propelling the narrative and keeping the vibe sexy, strange and dark.

Check out the pulsing video for “1.0_8-whatsyourask.mp4” below:

Will you be diving back into the weird world of MR. ROBOT on July 13th?



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