Exclusive Music Preview: Three Tracks from the BASKIN Soundtrack!


Exclusive sneak preview of the horrifying BASKIN soundtrack.

We continue to scream the bloody praises of Turkish director Can Evrenol’s shattering horror fever dream BASKIN (you can read our review HERE and our interview with Evrenol HERE) and part of the film’s terror is culled from the way it sounds.

Indeed, composer Ulas Pakkan’s landscape of noise, pulse and aural horror squeezes evil out of every scene.

Says Evrenol of the music for his mad, magnum opus:

“I wanted strange melodies never heard before, of otherworldly nature. Yes we did listen to the music of Frizzi, Ortolani, Clint Mansell, Cliff Martinez, Mica Levi and John Carpenter. But the truth of the matter is, through a nameless dark ritual, I introduced Ulas Pakkan to the lost soul of Erich Zann. And it was great. You can only reach Ulas online now. He doesn’t exist in the material world anymore.”

Lakeshore Records has given SHOCK an exclusive sample of three of the blistering tracks from the official BASKIN soundtrack album for your Monday morning listening dis-pleasure.

Click below to groove on the tracks “Baba”, “Kac” and “Coskun”.

Turn down the lights when you do…

BASKIN has been picked up for US distribution via IFC and will premiere on VOD and NYC theatrical @The IFC Center on March 25th and in LA @Arena Cinema on April 1st.



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