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SHOCK’s resident metalhead Brian Steward gives us a wealth of exclusive Generation Axe Tour concert pics.

If you want to be shocked by pure raw talent, look no further than the Generation Axe Tour.  This mammoth sized tour of guitar gods has been roaring its way across the country and recently made a stop in Dallas, TX.  The tour, featuring legends Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Tosin Abasi and Nuno Bettencourt, is a sight to behold and a sound like no other.  The five guitarists started the show onstage together, then took turns playing mini-sets that showcased each artist’s own style.  Tosin Abasi, a name many people may be unaware of, is normally part of the band ANIMALS AS LEADERS, but on his own really shined as someone so technically proficient that he could easily command the stage with the likes of Vai & Malmsteen.  Next up was Bettencourt, who at a glance might seem like an odd choice on such a tour, as he is known mostly for his work with the pop-rock outfit EXTREME.  But by the end of his set, he had proven his place on stage was well-deserved.

Next up was the goliath of a man, Zakk Wylde.  When the former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY front man took the stage, the crowd was electric.  It was obvious much of the crowd was there to see him shred.  They were not disappointed.  At one point, Wylde actually jumped down from the stage, pushed past the security wall and proceeded to wander the crowd all while playing a solo.  It was amazing.  Next up was the legend himself, Yngwie Malmsteen.  His precision and speed is something that needs to be experienced live to be truly appreciated.  He totally captivated the crowd with his almost superhuman ability on the fret board.  Finally, the orchestrator of the tour, the man himself, Steve Vai took the stage.  With a swagger and style all his own, Vai commanded the attention of the crowd with his personal style of playing.  It was like watching a ballet on a guitar.  His ability is almost unmatched and that with his grace onstage makes his performances something to remember.

To end the night, it was all shredders front and center as every performer came out for two final songs, ending the night with the Cream classic, Highway Star, played in a way never heard before.

For remaining tour dates go to the official Generation Axe site.

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