Concert Report and 49 Exclusive Photos: Amon Amarth in Dallas


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SHOCK gets into the pit to capture the glory of Amon Amarth in Dallas.

Vikings no longer plunder town after town by way of the Viking longship. They now opt for a more efficient means of conquering the countryside… the tour bus. Amon Amarth stormed into downtown Dallas, Texas recently and left pure sonic devastation in their path. There were literally Vikings with swords and shields standing guard when the fans entered the venue.

The show started with Southern California quartet Exmortus. This band, obviously featuring a lot of younger guys, seemed to really tap into the energy and history of the classic thrash metal scene. Technically proficient like few other bands of this genre, they put on an astounding show. From the first notes of the song “Rising” to the set closer, “Metal Is King”, they never let the energy drop for a moment.

Next up, Entombed AD, the Swedish death metal outfit that was formed from the ashes when classic metal band, Entombed dissolved. Vocalist Lars Göran Petrov brought a level of old school authenticity to the stage as the band barreled through a blistering set. Although not Entombed, any old school fans were probably not left wanting. This band was tight and knew how to command a stage.

Finally, the stage curtain closed and the house music began to play.  Within only a few minutes the house lights went dark and the reigning heroes of the day launched into a devastating rendition of “The Pursuit Of Vikings” and right into “As Loke Falls”. The drum riser was designed to look like a huge viking helm. Perched on top was a new face, Joakim Grenval, who had recently joined the band.  He seemed to fit flawlessly into the band and pounded out the evening’s set perfectly. Occasionally, the band would collectively catch its breath and frontman Johan Hegg would have fun working the crowd. As the 19 song set continued, all the favorites were covered and finally, to finish a three song encore to a hall of rabid fans, Hegg appeared on stage with a huge oversized hammer and launched into the crowd favorite, “Twilight Of The Thunder God”.  The fans left battered, exhausted and thrilled.

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