Watch this Exclusive Clip From Dead Teenager Flick PROM RIDE


SHOCK rocks an exclusive clip form teen slasher flick PROM RIDE. 

With Vision Films’ teen horror PROM RIDE now out on DVD & VOD, SHOCK brings you an exclusive clip to whet your appetite.

Set almost entirely in a single location, Kazeem Molake’s directorial debut PROM RIDE finds a group of friends heading to the prom in a stretch limo. Unlucky for them, what starts out as a night of elegance, rejoicing and celebrating rapidly derails into a nightmare when a psychotic killer hijacks the limo and, by means of a clever combination of POV shots and traditional cinematography, Molake creates a claustrophobic sensation to ensure the audience feels just as trapped as the hostages do.

With nowhere to escape, the friends gradually start to turn on each other in order to survive until we eventually learn that one of the teens harbors a sinister secret that plays a crucial role in their demise.

Starring Heather Paige Cohn (BOUND), Noah Nevins (TALES OF HALLOWEEN), Victoria Levine (ZOMBIES VS. STRIPPERS), Joseph Rich, Joi Liaye, Deanna Pak, Byron Thomas and first time actress Ariella Rose, PROM RIDE is now yours for the taking.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this exclusive clip from the film revealing the sheer size of the limo where all kinds of awfulness are about to go down…


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