More New Turkish Horror! Check Out the Creepy Trailer for ALAMET-I-KIYAMET


We’ve been raving for months about writer/director//visionary Can Evrenol’s sense-shattering Turkish horror film BASKIN (read our review HERE and our lengthy interview with Evrenol HERE).

Now, we’re getting just as excited about yet another phantasmagorical surrealist horror film hailing from the land of chewy, kick-ass coffee and it looks just as mind-altering.


Check out the Turkish trailer for director Do?a Can Anafarta’s ALAMET I KIYAMET (which opens in Turkey on May 20th) at the bottom of the page.

Here’s the synopsis:

1999, Turkey. One of the most drought-plagued years in history of Istanbul. Also the year of the big earthquake, the solar eclipse and a spate of satanic rituals that occurred,  all of which are signs of the impending apocalypse. A lonely working girl named Elif, unaware of all the signs showing up around her, is haunted by a cult and the one they worship. The film  is filled with symbolism and explores an alternate time line that started in 1999 and continues till this day on.

Sound lovely and insane.

Go to the official ALAMET I KIYAMET Facebook page and the official website  for more information. Both portals are in Turkish but you can likely muddle through.

No word on any domestic North American release yet…but when we know, so will you…

Now. Here’s that trailer:






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