James Bickert’s FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS to premiere at legendary Canadian exploitation festival.

As we reported here earlier,  contemporary exploitation film guru James Anthony Bickert (DEAR GOD, NO!) is getting ready to unleash his latest film, the supersonic DEAR GOD, NO! sequel/companion film FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS, a sex, violence, sleaze and sass-soaked shocker that runs 2 ½ hours long and was shot in Cinemascope on Super 35mm Kodak film over the course of 30 days in 10 cities with a cast of 70 actors!

And now, Bickert and his gang of merry miscreants have joined forces with notorious Canadian exploitation film culture fan festival Shock Stock for its Gala Canadian premiere of FCB.
Shock Stock runs from May 27th to the 29th is Canadian city London, Ontario. Bickert and select cast and crew will attend.
FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS stars Ellie Church, Laurence R. Harvey and Tristan Risk and centers on the re-animation of the South’s most notorious biker gang, The Impalers. When news of the gang’s resurrection draws the attention of bounty hunters, law enforcement and rival gangs, the lofty aspirations of the mad scientist who re-birthed them starts to spiral out of control. Stylistically, the film pays homage to several of the production team’s favorite films such as the Hammer Studio’s Frankenstein series, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!, The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, Horror Rises from the Tomb, re-animator and Biker drive-in pictures from the ’70s.  The entire film was shot on 35mm film, the way movies were meant to be made…
For screening information, full Shock Stock celebrity guest list and to purchase advance tickets and weekend passes, visit the official Shock Stock website.



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