Exclusive: Check Out the New Poster for FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS!


Feast on FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS’ sexy new poster!

Hot on the heels of its sold out world premiere in Atlanta, writer/producer/director James Bickert and the crazed crew behind the shot on 35mm exploitation meltdown FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS are premiering a brand spanking new poster. Right here. Now.
Look up! There it is!

The artwork is by South African-born concept artist Corlen Krueger, whose work has graced magazines and DVD covers, and his website is a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful (and the distinctly, divinely NSFW). It features shots of old horror and weird fiction magazines he’s uncovered, as well as old 8mm film reels. Corlen wears his love of crazy ‘exploitation’ and schlock-horror cinema on his sleeve and its influence on his sumptuous work is clear. 

For more info on the berserk biker throwback flick (a sorta sequel to Bickert’s previous film DEAR GOD, NO!), visit www.bigworldpictures.us. And dig the mental trailer below…



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