Exclusive Clip: David Keating’s Sexy Witch Flick CHERRY TREE



Exclusive clip from David Keating’s CHERRY TREE.

Opening today in select theaters and VOD is director David Keating’s bloody, weird killer witch flick CHERRY TREE, starring SOULMATE’s Anna Walton.

The movie channels the eerie folk horror vibe of Keating’s previous picture, the atmospheric, disturbing and similarily-focused-on-necromancy film WAKEWOOD, but amps up the action, sex and gruesome FX to create a much more visceral – and rather amusingly ludicrous – movie brew.

To whet you whistle, here’s a clip from CHERRY TREE exclusive to SHOCK, in which hot sex ends up sullied by invasive Satanic centipedes.

Enjoy. And let us know what you though of CHERRY TREE in the comments section below…