10 Shocking Scenes From the ALIEN/PROMETHEUS Films



SHOCK lays out 10 of the most shocking scenes from the ALIEN franchise.

With all the hype surrounding Ridley Scott’s recent announcement to make back-to-back PROMETHEUS/ALIEN sequels and prequels-with ALIEN: COVENANT the first on deck- It seemed an appropriate time to unleash this, our picks for the top 10 most shocking scenes from the ALIEN and PROMETHEUS films. And no, we’re not including the ALIEN VS. PREDATOR pictures. So there.

Here we go…


10. ALIEN RESURRECTION – How do you escape a locked-down observation cell? Sacrifice one of your own kind and use its concentrated acid blood to melt through the floor below.  This scene demonstrates just how intelligent-and ruthless- these creatures are where survival is concerned.


9. ALIEN – The crew of the Nostromo acquire an unwanted passenger, and when they try to surgically remove the face-hugger from Kane (John Hurt), acid spurts out and eats through 3 floors of the ship before it stops…the audience quickly realizes this is the kind of beast you don’t want to mess with.


8. PROMETHEUS – Coming in at 8 is Elizabeth Shaw’s self-performed abortion of the beast incubating within her. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) is terrified to learn that her barren uterus harbors a fast-growing unknown and alien thing. The scene is vicious, brutally intense and almost hard to watch…or stomach.


7. ALIEN 3 – Even though the film drops hints at and foreshadows this throughout (and if you don’t agree, just check out the poster), it is still shocking when Ripley performs a scan on herself and discovers what she has suspected all along. Of all things, the x-ray reveals a nesting alien queen embryo (Ripley’s nemesis).


6. ALIEN – One of the most knee-jerking scenes in the saga is when Ash emerges from the shadows and sheds light on the company’s plans:  the remaining crew are completely expendable.  To add even further shock, the revelation that Ash is a psychotic, malfunctioning android catches the crew with their pants down, as does his attempt to kill Ripley and Parker at the same time.


5. ALIENS – Admittedly, not a shocking sequence in the traditional horror sense, but the truth can often be more terrifying. When Ripley exposes Burke’s failed attempt to impregnate Newt and herself and then gets him to reluctantly admit the company knew about the derelict ship on LV-426 and sent colonists anyway. This intense confrontation surely secured Sigourney Weaver’s Best Actress nomination.


4. ALIEN RESURRECTION – Ripley happens on canister after canister of failed attempts to clone her as well as the xenomorph from data retrieved on Fiorina 161 in ALIEN 3. The realization and revulsion on Ripley’s face is priceless and her rage says it all.


3. ALIENS – One of the most jaw-dropping sequences takes place in the sealed off med-lab (or so they think). When motion detectors start buzzing out, and fear sets it, everyone quickly realizes they may have overlooked an entry point.  Hicks hesitantly pops open a ceiling tile and reveals their suspected fears; you almost feel like you’re trapped in the med-lab with him.


2. ALIENS – Just when you think its safe to go into cryo-sleep,  Bishop is ripped in half and tossed aside like rag-doll by a pissed- off alien queen. The scene works so well because it totally and utterly blindsides the audience. In the ALIEN universe, take nothing for granted and assume the worst…


1. ALIEN – Our top spot goes to the sequence that essentially kick starts the entire saga; of course we are talking about Kane’s chest bursting scene at dinner.  It is so shocking, not even the cast had any clue what was about to go down on set. The scene is so raw and the terror so genuine it is clear why this is number one and one of the most shocking scenes in horror history.

What are your top ten picks?  Please share with us below…and remember, in space no one can hear you scream!



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