Help Full Moon Finish the New Puppet Master Movie!


Full Moon turns to crowdfunding to find finishing funds for the 11th PUPPET MASTER flick.

Our friends at Full Moon Features refuse to stop their strange train any time soon and, as reported earlier, are hard at work on the production of their 11th entry in the venerable PUPPET MASTER series, the long awaited fan-friendly killer marionette flick PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION.

The film is produced and directed by genre film icon/survivor Charles Band and the filmmaker, though the movie is already financed and ready for camera, has turned to IndieGoGo to get the scratch to make the on-screen FX even more awesome.

With the absence of the late, genius stop-motion Full Moon FX guru David Allen, the PUPPET MASTER films turned to practical puppetry and computer FX to bring Andre Toulon’s creatures to life.  But to make those grand illusions all the more larger-than-life, the company are asking fans to climb on board and pool their resources to make what is intended to be the ultimate PUPPET MASTER fan flick

The campaign will offer many incredible perks and rewards, including signed DVD’s, signed T-Shirts, signed vinyl, signed scripts, signed comic books, replicas and even the opportunity to BE IN THE FILM in a supporting role. Each and every fan that contributes will get an awesome reward. You can’t beat that!

To explore the campaign further and to donate go HERE.





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