Audio Interview: ANGUISH Writer/Director Sonny Mallhi on Making Horror Movies That Matter




Writer/director Sonny Mallhi discusses his new film ANGUISH and the art of making horror movies that matter.

Opening today on both VOD and limited US theatrical is the haunting, minimalist possession film ANGUISH, an achingly sad, artfully realized chiller from writer/director Sonny Mallhi (his first directorial effort after producing genre films like THE STRANGERS and the Spike Lee remake of OLD BOY).

In it, a teenage girl (Ryan Simpkins, in a deft performance) riddled with psychosis learns that she is in fact possessed by passing, troubled ghosts; when the spirit of another teen ends up inside her, it draws out the dead girl’s mother (Karina Logue) and a dark human drama evolves out the traditional horror film frame work.




ANGUISH is a film filled with everything the title suggests but it’s so much more than a genre picture. Under the meticulous care of its creator, ANGUISH is first and foremost an artfully made mood piece, a “real movie” whose horrors leak out from the seams organically.

SHOCK had the chance to speak with the intelligent filmmaker about not just what makes ANGUISH work, but about what makes a good horror film function and, more importantly, endure.

Here is the audio from that interview: