Exclusive Audio Interview: Director Mickey Keating on the Horrors of DARLING



SHOCK gets into the guts of DARLING with director Mickey Keating.

Earlier this week, our minds were not-so-gently blown after watching writer/director Mickey Keating’s industrial-strength psychodrama DARLING. The film is a monochrome, low-budget nightmare, shrieking and unsettling, over-the-top and yet artfully restrained.

We cited it as the best horror film of 2016. You can read those ravings here.

Now, we know it’s only the tail end of March. But DARLING is such a jolt, such a sneering, death waltz into the heart and soul of madness, one illustrated with such mesmerizing energy, such sound, such fury…

Well, dark cinema just doesn’t get any better that this. That’s that.

DARLING casts the doe-eyed Lauren Ashley Carter (JUG FACE) as an obviously disturbed girl who accepts a position as the caretaker at posh mansion owned by an elegant, icy and presumably wealthy woman (BLADE RUNNER’s Sean Young). Considering the home’s haunted history, it’s a given that she’ll go even madder then she obviously already is as the movie progresses. And she does. So very, very mad…

SHOCK had the honor speaking with Keating today to unravel some of DARLING’s mysteries.

Here’s the audio from that discussion.

Here’s Mickey Keating.


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