Concert Review: SKINNY PUPPY in New York; Exclusive Pics


SHOCK reviews legendary electronic/industrial performance artists SKINNY PUPPY’s Huntington, NY stop.

SKINNY PUPPY led a legion of fans down a SocioPath paved with immersive sound and imagery at The Paramount in Huntington, NY, Thursday, November 12th.

Front man Nivek Ogre emerged from darkness cocooned in white.

The soundtrack accompanying his transformation into a bloodied, injected, specimen—tortured by evil incarnate, in the form of a black horned Minotaur, and by Ogre’s own hand—was flawlessly woven together with songs from various SKINNY PUPPY albums including Bites, VIVIsectVI, Rabies, Too Dark Park, Last Rites, and The Process.

Fans of SKINNY PUPPY expect to witness Ogre’s transmutation on stage via elaborate masks and disguises. Perhaps the most effective visual of the night was the clarity with which audience members could see his uncovered face. Piercing eye contact accompanied by carefully articulated expressions and gestures created a (near) tangible connection between performer and spectator(s).

SKINNY PUPPY have been outspoken animal rights advocates for years. While past performances exposed the horror of animal testing through re-enactment—the band has reinvented (their) activism by way of Art on their ‘DoWn thE SocioPath ToUr.” Withdrawing a handkerchief from the pocket of a bloodied (and green ooze) covered (custom made ) white suit (fashioned by Autumn Walters of clothing company Lip Service), Ogre illuminated the white fabric with sweat, spit and blood. Both the suit and the ‘kerchief were signed, dated and up for auction at the band’s merchandise booth with proceedings going to PETA (People for the Ethical treatment of Animals.)

The band exited the stage after delivering the crowd-pleasing ‘Killing Game’ and ‘Assimilate’—temporarily. Fans held their ground and SKINNY PUPPY reappeared for two encores which included ‘Smothered Hope’, ‘Candle’, and ‘Testure’.

Check out the exclusive photo gallery below (photos by Jenny Panic).




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