ohGr Preps New Album ‘Tricks’

ohGr: Legendary Skinny Puppy vocalist and performance artist Nivek Ogre launches campaign to finish his next solo album

For those horror fans reading this that only know the name Nivek Ogre for his string of appearances in genre films like Repo! The Genetic Opera, Scream Park and Queen of Blood and even MTV’s Teen Wolf, you have to be made aware that, well, Ogre (real name Kevin Ogilvie) is a certifiable rock God. He’s the Mick Jagger of arcane electronic music, a performance artist, poet and vocalist who with his band Skinny Puppy, essentially created the template for what would be known as Industrial Rock music and whose love of horror movies wormed their way into SP’s legendary live shows from the early 1980’s to present day. If you’re a fan you know. All that mud, blood, screaming and those elaborate costumes. Seeing a live Skinny Puppy show is like living inside a horror film, the darkest, strangest most extreme and beautiful of horror films.

And while, along with co-founder cEvin Key, Skinny Puppy continues to chug along, releasing new albums (the last SP disc, Weapon, might be their best ever), Ogre keeps his side project ohGr alive and livid. And, as Ogre has said, if Skinny Puppy is his big rock band, ohGr is his secret pop project. But what a pop project! In some respects ohGr (which is a collaboration with Mark Walk) is an even more intense experience.

Now, Ogre and ohGr (confused yet?) are prepping their most ambitious album yet with “Tricks” and to bring the album – their 5th to date – to life, Ogre is calling on his fans to support via an elaborate PledgeMusic campaign that’s loaded with amazing incentives.

From the website:

Welcome to ohGr/tricks.

The fifth studio album featuring Ogre, a founding member of the experimental electronic group, Skinny Puppy .

We have been busy!

New ohGr songs are written.

New shirts, screen prints, and a custom ohGr masks are in production.

New imagery is being explored.

Now, we are asking you to help bring this project to completion by pre ordering ohGr/tricks from us.

Your support will help us to deliver the types of musical and physical we want to deliver to you independent of a record label.

Check out the store, order some tricks, and join us for regular updates, videos, chats, and teasers.

Thank you.


If you’re a fan of this living legend and the challenging, spastic and visionary sound he is dedicated to sculpting, visit the official “Tricks” pledge page today.


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