Exclusive Bloody Tennis Court Death Clip From #HORROR



Check out this bloody clip from arthouse horror flick #HORROR.

We’ve been raving about filmmaker Tara Subkoff’s visionary, ultra-stylish satirical arthouse horror film #HORROR for weeks now and are pleased to take any opportunity to push our passion upon you, our impressionable reader…

The movie stars Chloe Sevigny as a morally vacuous mother living in an impossibly decorated house in the middle of the woods who gets drunk before attending her AA meeting and leaves he 13 year old daughter and her friends alone while they have a sleep over.  The girls are obsessed with a bizarre social media game that blends Candy Crush and Facebook, a toxic portal that exacerbates the group’s already fragile dynamic. As the night progresses, arguing turns to malevolent bullying which turns to madness and murder. All the while, one of the girls’ fathers, played by Timothy Hutton, rages and chews scenery like Udo Kier in a vintage Paul Morrssey film.

Yes, we loved #HORROR and we’re pleased to share this exclusive clip. See if it reminds you a bit of SUSPIRIA. There’s plenty of Argento influence in this one…

#HORROR begins its run in US theaters on November 20th (LA and NYC) and spreads it’s tendrils to other markets over the following weeks. Stay tune to SHOCK for tons more #HORROR coverage…




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