Exclusive, Violent Clip From the MARTYRS Remake!



Check out this exclusive, bloody clip from the US version of MARTYRS.

We’ve been covering the impending American Goetz Brothers-directed remake of Pascal Laugier’s MARTYRS, itself one of the most traumatic French horror films ever made.

Typically, fans of the film are none to pleased about the idea of a US redux, especially since the original is less than a decade old and shows not a shred of dating itself; MARTYRS works perfectly fine as it is.

Our Alyse Wax reviewed an earlier cut of the film and was not a fan, but we’ve heard some positive rumblings from the underground and yours truly has also taken in the picture.

My personal opinion on it?

I’ll reserve that response for the release date…

You can see it yourself when MARTYRS opens theatrically and Digital HD via Anchor Bay Entertainment on January 22nd.

In the meantime, here’s an exclusive, violent clip from the film. Fans of the original can compare if they dare…