Actress Linnea Quigley Picks Her Favorite Movie Murders



Cult movie Goddess Linnea Quigley reveals her favorite movie murders.

A few weeks back SHOCK rounded up a few of our famous friends to get some feedback about their favorite murders in the movies. You can read that feature HERE.

But we’re still getting stragglers coming by to lay their most memorable violent cinematic death sequence on us so we figured, hey, why not just go and make it an ongoing feature?

Here then, is the legendary cult film actress Linnea Quigley -who herself has been memorably murdered in countless horror films-laying a few of her faves on us.

From Linnea…

“I loved that first death scene in JAWS…”

“…but that isn’t really a murder scene. So…hmmmm…I guess my favorite scene would be from the 1932 film MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE with Bela Lugosi, where the lady is stuffed up the chimney and her hand comes down. It’s a subtle, unseen murder…”


“…but then another murder that got me was in THE HITCHER, when Jennifer Jason Leigh gets torn apart…”

“So many good ones…it’s hard to choose!”

Indeed, it is. How about you. dear reader? Tell us about some of your favorite most foul murders from the movies in the comments section below!