Gordon Hessler’s MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE and Daniel Haller’s THE DUNWICH HORROR Come to Blu-ray



Scream Factory unleashes 2 more classic cult films from the AIP vaults.

Scream Factory continues to raid the amazing AIP vaults with the release of a pair of under-appreciated contemporary riffs on classic literary horrors, 1971’s bizarre Poe impression MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE and 1970’s psychedelic Lovecraftian head trip THE DUNWICH HORROR, coming to Blu-ray on March 29th.
MURDERS is directed by CRY OF THE BANSHEE‘s Gordon Hessler and, like that film, AIP had cut the film upon release. And like their release of that film on THE VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION III, this version of RUE MORGUE is the full director’s cut. In it, Jason Robards and Eurohorror favorite Herbert Lom chew scenery when a Grand Guignol theater in Paris falls prey to an axe wielding lunatic during the staging of Poe’s famous tale.
THE DUNWICH HORROR was one of the few films directed by Roger Corman’s favorite art director, the brilliant Daniel Haller (DIE MONSTER DIE), who faithfully adapts Lovecraft’s story of witchery in New England and gives us a great performance by Dean Stockwell (BLUE VELVET) and Wilbur Whateley, professional necromancer. Sandra Dee also stars in this wild flick, which was produced by Corman.
Here’s a look at the special features:
·         Audio commentary with author and film historian Steve Haberman
·         Stage Tricks & Screen Frights featurette
·         Theatrical trailer
·         Audio commentary with author and film historian Steve Haberman
·         Theatrical trailer