Exclusive Poster Reveal: Author Ken Hanley’s THE I IN EVIL



SHOCK gets an eyeful of the promo poster for Ken Hanley’s new book THE I IN EVIL

I’m always thrilled when people I admire use their spare time to make stuff that matters and my colleague, current FANGORIA Managing Editor Ken Hanley has done just that, using his talents as a word wrangler to take his art to the next level.

Hanley is on the cusp of unleashing his first book, a satirical monster mash self-help epic called THE I IN EVIL, due out October 20th from Skyhorse Publishing. The book (featuring illustrations by Marvel and DC artist Adam Wallenta) has already been earning rave reviews from famous folk like SPLICE director Vincenzo Natali who calls it “…a thoroughly original, highly entertaining and witty offering for all the needy monsters out there, lurking in the shadowed corners of the world and within the darker regions of the soul.”

Tom Holland, director of CHILD’S PLAY and FRIGHT NIGHT simply says, “It’s Bat-shit crazy”.

From the press release:

FANGORIA Magazine’s Ken Hanley has devoted his life of uplifting the spirits and changing the lives of monsters across this great nation of ours. Vampires, Mummies, Wolfmen, Gill-men and Monsters (Frankenstein’s or Otherwise) will finally be able to step out of the shadows after reading THE I IN EVIL and be the social, conscientious citizens without the psycho-and-sociological issues that plague mankind every day.

THE I IN EVIL is not meant for humans. This book contains dark, terrifying truths and the author relinquishes any and all responsibility for any actions taken against monsters or themselves as a result of this book.

SHOCK is pleased to be able to give you the exclusive premiere of the alarmingly cool Todd Spence illustrated promotional poster for the book. Have a look below…

Hanley Poster

To pre-order THE I IN EVIL go HERE.

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