9 Essential: High School Slashers



If horror movies are to be believed, getting snuffed by a masked killer is just as much a teenage rite of passage as losing one’s virginity or receiving a college acceptance letter in the mail. Since the late 70s, adolescents in grades 8 – 12 have been getting offed (usually after getting off) in record numbers on the silver screen, birthing a whole subgenre of “dead teenager” cinema. But which entries into this disreputable cavalcade of carnage are worthy of being deemed “essential”? Here are nine must watch installments you need to seek out in the high school slasher subsection of your (more than likely streaming) video store…

Jacob Knight is an Austin, Texas based film writer who moonlights as a clerk at Vulcan Video, one of the last great independent video stores in the US. You can find find him on Twitter @JacobQKnight.

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