Nosferatu Remake: The Witch’s Robert Eggers to Direct



Production designer-turned-director Robert Eggers, whose tremendous debut The Witch premiered at Sundance in January, will craft a new symphony of horror in a remake of F.W. Murnau’s landmark silent film Nosferatu

Remade in 1979 by film legend Werner Herzog, Nosferatu was German director Murnau’s unofficial adaptation of the Dracula tale. In fact, Prana Film, the studio behind Nosferatu was sued for copyright infringement by Bram Stoker’s estate, and ultimately declared bankruptcy. Its striking visuals and iconic performance from Max Schrek casts a long shadow on the genre to this day.  

The new iteration of Nosferatu is produced by Studio 8 and Deadline reports it aims to be a “visceral adaptation.” This seems plenty achievable with Eggers behind the camera. His The Witch is likely the best horror film of the year, a satanic period piece full of composed dread. No word if Nosferatu will be period-set, but Eggers’ meticulous eye (wait until you see The Witch) seems perfect for and keen on, other eras of terror. He also has a medieval film entitled The Knight in the works with Studio 8. 

A24 is set to release The Witch, no date just yet. It is worth every second of anticipation.