Ash vs. Evil Dead: Lucy Lawless on Ruby’s Connection to the Series



From her casting, genre TV legend Lucy Lawless was described as having a mysterious role in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Her Ruby is a secretive figure who spends much of the first season on Ash’s tail (and looking it to kick it). Ruby is wants the source of the recent Evil outbreaks and believes that Ash (Bruce Campbell) is the cause of it all. Why is that? It seems her connection to the Evil Dead mythos is strong.

Out at San Diego Comic-Con, Lucy Lawless explains the development of Ruby. She says, “It wasn’t until episode eight, I was going ‘Hang on, is she a street brawler or something?’ We were banging around ideas and I rang Rob [Tapert, producer] and go, ‘Should she not be too good?’ ‘No, no she’s got to drop from 40 feet, she’s Jet Li good.’ This is why she’s mysterious, we’re feeling it out. She’s stalking him through the first season. By the end, you totally know what she’s about. For now, we say she’s mysterious.”

Just moments later, Ruby dropped a spoiler-ish and interesting piece of info on Ruby:

“Her last name is Knowby, and the professor in the originals, who had the Necronomicon, was Professor Knowby. So, she’s got a big ass chip on her shoulder. She’s seeking to destroy Ash. The fountain of all evil is that guy.”

Of course, Evil Dead 2 had Annie Knowby. Would Ruby be another daughter then?

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres Halloween night on Starz. Find images and the spot-on first trailer, below.  

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