Rob Zombie’s 31: A look at Sheri Moon’s Cheryl



Rob Zombie, musician, filmmaker, master of his own film publicity. The director continues to reveal looks at his upcoming 70s-set Halloween horror, 31. The latest still: of his frequent star and true life wife, Sheri Moon Zombie. 

“Charly played by Sheri Moon Zombie finds herself deep in some real Hell shit,” goes the caption. It seems each time Zombie announces a film, many offer the same quip about Sheri Moon having a part in it. Aside from a tired joke/observation, I think many often overlook her performances. Baby was a terrific madwoman, while Lords of Salem’s Heidi proved a dramatic departure. 

Rob Zombie’s 31, about a structure in which captives are forced to play a deadly game against an ensemble of psycho killers, seems a real culmination of the director’s visual aesthetics. Will it prove a the same for Sheri Moon’s work? 

Alchemy is releasing Rob Zombie’s 31 in the U.S. No date just yet.