First Teaser: Tricia Lee’s Prenatal Hospital Horror, One Drop


From Canadian director Tricia Lee, who’s won acclaim for festival favorite Silent Retreat, comes the first look at One Drop, a medical facility-set creature feature with an eye-catching hook. 

In One Drop, a single mother overdoes and wakes up in a medical facility. Everyone is dead and she’s nine months pregnant. “As she struggles to escape, she discovers the facility’s secret: they’ve tampered with the boundaries of death and brought people back to life, but those who’v returned have not returned alone.”

Lara Gilchrist (Battlestar Galactica) stars in the film alongside Benjamin Arthur, Tori Higginson, Mark Taylor, Peter Blankenstein and Canadian horror mainstay Julian Richings. The film just wrapped production earlier this month and is currently in the midst of an IndieGoGo campaign to complete post-production. 


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