Trailer, Date: Despite the Gods, Jennifer Lynch and the Disastrous Production of Hisss



Do you remember Hisss? As the follow-up to Jennifer Lynch’s acclaimed serial killer thriller Surveillance, the production saw the filmmaker attempt to tell the story of a shape-shifting snake woman of Indian folklore. Teamed with Robert Kurtzman for stellar SFX designs, Hisss turned disastrous midst production as Lynch found increasing trouble navigating the intricacies of making a film in India, brushing up against cultural standards and shooting within the nation’s system. Amounting to a grueling, sanity-teetering eight-month shoot, the making of Hisss was captured in a revealing documentary by Penny Vozniak, and the candid affair is hitting VOD and DVD this month from BrinkVision.

Joining this year’s incredible Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau as another portrait of the artist losing their grip in tumultuous and frustrating circumstance, Despite the Gods looks frank as hell and a must-see. BrinkVision releases the film this May 19th on DVD and VOD.

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