Johnny Galecki to Bazinga The Ringa


It’s been a long time, but after taking a fish hook through the chin in 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer, Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory) will make a triumphant return to horror in the upcoming The Ring sequel, Rings.

Deadline reports Galecki will be a lead in the film about two young lovers named Holt and Julia (Alex Roe and Matilda Lutz, respectively) on the run from Samara after the boyfriend watches the tape. Galecki will play Gabriel, described as creepily as possible as “handsome” and “pleasure-seeking,” a professor who mentors and helps the two. Production on Rings is currently underway in Atlanta with director F. Javier Gutierrez at the helm. 

For more on Rings, see our report on a returning character from the series here. Paramount releases Rings Friday, November 13th. [Deadline]


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