Update: Guillermo del Toro will not Helm a Hannibal


Update & Correction: Ian Gibson, Guillermo del Toro’s assistant has tweeted out to multiple sites correcting the report that the filmmaker would helm an episode of Hannibal. Gibson says in many  ways the story is simply not true, citing del Toro’s busy schedule. Last night, creator Bryan Fuller responded to a tweet confirming Guillermo Navarro is in fact returning to the series, but would neither confirm nor deny the del Toro aspect. This is surely a disappointment on the heels of such an exciting prospect. You can find the original story as written below. 

More directorial excitement for the upcoming third season of Hannibal has been revealed. Lauded fantasy/horror filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, this year’s Crimson Peak) will helm one of the three final episodes, ramping anticipation for the Red Dragon-centric season. Fashion & Style reports the De Laurentiis company newsletter revealed the news that del Toro, Guillermo Navarro and Michael Rymer will direct the final three episodes of Hannibal’s impending season. The three join the previously announced Vincenzo Natali (Splice) and Neil Marshall (The Descent), the latter bearing the honor of introducing Francis Dollarhyde (aka The Tooth Fairy) in Episode 8, titled “The Great Red Dragon.”

Navarro is no stranger to Hannibal, but you also might recognize him as del Toro’s frequent cinematographer, shooting Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim to name a few, as well as From Dusk Till Dawn. Similarly, Rymer is a producer and director on Hannibal, most recently directing Season Two’s penultimate “Tome-wan.”

Hannibal returns June 4th. Creator Bryan Fuller recently tweeted Natali-directed season opener, “Antipasto” will take place over four different periods of time. Of course, del Toro’s style is perfect for the lush, violent series, but just watch this Crimson Peak trailer again and imagine how much so.


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