New Photos, Teaser: She Wolf Director’s Argentine Slasher, All Night Long



In a perfect world, you’d know the names Tamae Garateguy and Jimena Monteoliva already. Sadly, their urgent, black-and-white, giallo-esque She Wolf has yet to find U.S. distribution after hitting festivals in 2013. The film, which Garateguy directed and Monteoliva produced, was a raw, punk tale of a predator stalking the streets of Buenos Aires. It examined a multifaceted female killer railing against her vitriolic self and the grosser men of the city. For a follow-up, the two are co-directing and nearing the end of post-production on a film that promises to be lusher, if no less violent, hallucinatory and sexually aggressive: All Night Long

Shot this past January, All Night Long is familiar in its setup, but not for Argentina. Citing a lack of both slashers and more erotic-tinged film in the country, and clearly influenced by the sexier thrillers of the world, the two have crafted a movie meant to bring the two together with a hard smash; a film which bears the simple plot of masked murderer hunting the young. Monetoliva elaborates: “Following a crazy night, a young couple having an after party in the Argentine countryside discover that one of their friends is killing the rest. But finding out who the killer is will be difficult. They are totally high.”

You can find new photos from All Night Long, as well as its previously released teaser below. All Night Long is expected to World Premiere this spring. Some of the photos are likely NSFW.

ALL NIGHT LONG, a film by Tamae Garateguy and Jimena Monteoliva from info crudo films on Vimeo.