Moody Intro for Anthology Web Series, The Witching Season


Having previously noted the deluge of Halloween Horror on its way (Tales of HalloweenHellions, etc), it’s sure nice to see even more pop up. This moody little trailer previews The Witching Season, an upcoming online horror anthology, rolling out as a free web series. If lensed with a similar spirit as its atmospheric tease—surely aided by Slasher Dave’s Carpenter/Howarth-influenced sounds—we’re in for a treat. 

The Witching Season doesn’t have an official premiere date yet, but Witching Season Films writes the series “is influenced by classic anthology shows such as Tales From The Crypt, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and Tales From The Darkside. Each episode will tell an original tale of horror set during the Halloween season. And, like any great series, it was necessary to give The Witching Season its own original intro. We hope you enjoy it.”

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