Mondo’s House on Haunted Hill Poster Pays Emergo-mage



Mondo, the ever popular purveyor of collectible art, vinyl and more has announced its latest poster release, a terrific rendering of House on Haunted Hill by Jonathan Burton. It’s a poster classical in spooky design, rich in texture and loving in its nod to the film and the infamous William Castle tactic that accompanied, Emergo. 

Released in 1959, House on Haunted Hill is a stone cold William Castle/Vincent Price essential. Swift and brimming with gallows humor, the tale of a wickedly haunted house and its even wickeder owners was initially rolled out with one of director-producer Castle’s trademark gimmicks. “Emergo” saw a skeleton, much like the manipulated one at the end of the film, emerge in the theater, floating above the audience and “scaring” them silly.

Its place behind the curtain in Burton’s art then, is just delightful. That’s not to mention its act at hand, Price’s regal pose and the carpet coffins as just some of the neato little details.

Mondo releases the piece at a random time on Thursday, March 5th; announcement via Twitter. Find both the poster (Edition of 200; $45) and its alternate (Edition of 115, $65), below.