Listen: Tracks from the Tremendous It Follows Score


The electronic revival is real, and it’s real good. From Steve Moore (Zombie, The Guest, Cub) to Jonathan Snipes (Starry Eyes, Room 237), to Jeff Grace (Cold in July) to the Giallo Disco crew like Antoni Maiovvi and Vercetti Technicolor, traditional string stings aren’t as prevalent. The latest, tremendous example is Disasterpeace’s terrific It Follows score,  the first feature film accompaniment from the video game vet. 

The musical nom de plum of Rich Vreeland, Disasterpeace has scored games like Fez, The Floor is Jelly, Cannon Brawl and more. He seamlessly makes the transition to film in It Follows, filling the movie with atmosphere, dread and really memorable cues. The Playlist has debuted three tracks from the score, which is online March 10th, on CD March 24th and on Vinyl April 7th.

Director David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows meanwhile, the amazing new horror film about a sexually transmitted urban legend and the young woman it’s after, is out March 13th from Radius. For more, see my review of the film here.


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