A Slamming Clip From Sundance Midnighter, Reversal



This is how the film begins, with a brick to the face. Sundance programmer Charlie Reff spoke to Shock and ran down the must-see horror films of the upcoming fest. Nestled nicely in there was J.M. Cravioto’s Reversal, a film which starts with a captive doling out comeuppance and according to Reff, “never really relents.” Get a taste of the movie’s stylish catharsis in this first clip. 

“Chained by her ankle and locked away in the dismal basement of a sexual predator, Eve has been missing and presumed dead for some time. Lost to her family and friends, she wastes away in isolation between horrifying visits from her vile captor, who remains unaware that Eve has been maniacally planning her escape. With a carefully placed brick, she beats him senseless as he approaches and frees herself from his grasp at the outset of the film. But too quickly, she learns there are other girls in other houses facing sinister fates of their own. Making a deal with the devil, she vows to save them all, turning her torturer into her prisoner, one who will lead her to his prey one by one.”

Horror films in which women are tied to something for 75% of its runtime are kind of intolerable, and so Reversal’s simple set up is immediately a refreshing one. Coupled with the stylized, impacting action of this excerpt, the film looks like a must-catch. Reversal premieres as part of the Park City at Midnight section of the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, January 23rd. For full info, visit Sundance.

For more on the must-see horror films of the fest, see Shock’s full preview with Reff here. [Bloody D]

Reversal Clip 01.13.15 from Daniel Posada on Vimeo.

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