Exclusive Clip: Christopher Denham’s Survival Horror, Preservation

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In 2008, actor and filmmaker Christopher Denham wrote and directed what’s still one of the more underrated films in the contemporary phenomenon of POV horror. That film, Home Movie, was an eerie, intimate and ghastly account of two children terrorizing their parents. Since, Denham has been seen in the likes of Sound of My Voice, The Bay and Argo, but has only now returned to directing with survival horror Preservation

Preservation finds a man, his wife and his brother head out for a jaunt in the woods. Their nature preserve camping trip is cut short however by a hidden threat. This being survival horror, there are forest chases, getting to high ground, crawling on low ground, brutal attacks and interpersonal conflict. The latter is highlighted below in Shock Till You Drop’s exclusive clip from the film, picking up just as tension starts to mount.

Preservation, starring Wrenn Schmidt, Pablo Schreiber and Mad Men’s Aaron Staton is in theaters and on demand as of today, January 9th

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