Violent Shit Gets a Contemporary, Giallo Overhaul in New Film


Violent ShitAndreas Schnaas’ Violent Shit, and its killer Karl Berg (“Karl the Butcher), is back in an all-new film overseen by the original film’s producer Steve Aquilina and directed by Luigi Pastore.

Fangoria broke the news today and featured a trailer along with some stills. You can watch the promo here.

Violent Shit was a 1989 German gore flick that spawned two sequels – one in ’92 and one in ’99. The new film – Violent Shit: The Movie – is merging the bloody excess of those films with a giallo sensibility.

According to the outlet:

The film stars Italian genre mainstay Giovanni Lombardo Radice as “the devil incarnate, who masterminds Karl the Butcher’s evil murder spree.

Violent Shit: The Movie will include a wide array of Italian cameos, including one by filmmaker Luigi Cozzi (Contamination).

Head on over to the aforementioned link to check out those stills…