Reel Gore Offering Limited Edition Collector Cards

Reel Gore Releasing offers limited edition collectors cards on its upcoming releases

Reel Gore Releasing, the fledgling extreme horror distribution entity co-founded by Cult Epics‘ Nico B (who is best known for re-releasing the bulk of transgressive filmmaker Jorg Buttgereit’s work on Blu-ray) and 8 Films’ Steve Aquilina, is on the cusp of releasing it’s first title, the ultra-gory Italian remake of legendary German splatter film series Violent Shit (the film streets on August 9th).

Violent Shit, directed by Italian indie horror filmmaker Luigi Pastore, stars Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka Italian exploitation legend John Morghen from Lucio Fulci’s The Gates of Hell and many more) as The Devil, who resurrects the monstrous killer Karl the Butcher and sets him off on a vile killing spree through the streets of Rome. Goblin legend Claudio Simonetti provides the pulse-pounding score.

That title will be followed by Masks (September 2016), a German giallo gore feast from director Andreas Marschall (German Angst). Then, it’’s the return of director Luigi Cozzi (Contamination) with Blood on Melies Moon (October 2016) with guest appearances by Dario Argento & Lamberto Bava.

RGR_Collectors Cards_sheet.indd

Today, Reel Gore announced that the first printing of 1000 copies of each Reel Gore release will have a collector’s card featuring a “Reel Gore Girl,” a poor damsel from the film in question covered in blood. Fake blood, of course. But it’s still gross. Violent Shit and Masks will include the cards with the slipcase numbering 1 to1000. These will go quick…

All Reel Gore titles are available now for pre-order at major retailers, including and



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