Another Universal Classic Monster Gets a Release Date


Universal will have another reboot of a classic movie monster ready for 2017. If you recall, the studio is creating a “shared monster universe” which was teased in Dracula Untold but will launch officially with The Mummy on June 24, 2016. 

The new film – which is currently not being revealed (which monster will it be?!) – opens April 21, 2017. Recently, news broke that Fargo (the TV show) executive producer Noah Hawley was penning one of the monster films. Again, which creature he was tackling was left a mystery.

Considering they’re beginning with The Mummy, it’s “anything goes” isn’t it? Is it too soon to reboot The Wolf Man after the 2010 film? Will they let that one breathe a little before diving into it later down the road? Submit your guesses in the comments below!

And, in case you were wondering if Dracula Untold‘s performance warrants a “shared monster universe,” well, the film has grossed nearly $200 million worldwide. Most of that came from overseas ticket sales. Here in the U.S. it made $53 million to date. Then again, that’s against a reported $70 million budget, so it’s just squeaking by in terms of recouping costs.


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