XX Horror Anthology Finds a Home at Magnet, Loses Soska Twins


Karyn KusamaXX – the project Shock was the first to bring you news about last fall – is settling into the hands of Magnet. This is the first female-driven horror anthology to hit the scene.

It appears there have been some cuts to the directors roster. A press release states only Karyn Kusama (pictured), Mary Harron, Jennifer Lynch and Jovanka Vuckovic are on board the project. Jen and Sylvia Soska were initially involved, but it appears they are out.

The duo are rather busy these days, which may account for their departure. (The duo are at work on a comic book adaptation of Painkiller Jane.)

Kusama previously directed Jennifer’s Body, Harron is responsible for American Psycho, Lynch helmed Boxing Helena and Surveillance and Vuckovic is formerly of Rue Morgue Magazine and a filmmaker in her own right with two terrific short films under her belt.

Magnet Releasing’s investment in another horror anthology is a testament to the company’s previous successes V/H/S and ABCs of Death. It’s also behind the upcoming V/H/S: Viral and ABCs of Death 2.

Look for XX in 2015.